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The book has unfortunately not yet been translated from German. Fowler This book has nothing to do with quartz but is about tasvhenbuch inner workings of the planet earth, and it clearly addresses expert readers and undergraduate students of geology. Reviews in Taschenbuch der physik kuchling pdf download, Vol. They don’t sort minerals just by their color, but deal with the topic systematically. First they look very boring and it needs some discipline for a layman to work through physil.

The book can be regarded as a scientific publication. Different from most textbooks on mineralogy that simply count off minerals following to the Dana or Strunz systemit introduces minerals and mineral groups in the context of geological environments.

However, I had more than one aha experience when reading it, so for those of you who “want to know”, it is listed. Porter A well written introductory textbook on physical geology with lots of figures. They can help to identify your specimen and to learn something about their properties, but they don’t get you anywhere beyond that.

The Quartz Page: Literature

The System of Mineralogy of J. Silica – Physical behavior, geochemistry and materials applications, by P. Minerale und Gesteine – Eigenschaften – Bildung – Entstehung, by Gregor Markl This book is a very nice introduction into petrology and its methods and is mentioned because it is a very notable exception from German scientific literature: But once you’ve read a few taschenbuch der physik kuchling pdf download, you will note that slowly something of a “big picture” is about to emerge.

Silica Mineralsby Clifford Frondel The first comprehensive and still best English monography on silica minerals. I strongly recommend to get and taschenbuch der physik kuchling pdf download textbooks on geology and mineralogy. The articles are referenced individually in the text of these web pages and are accordingly listed under “Articles”.


Phyisk far as I know, there is no recent English taschenbuch der physik kuchling pdf download monography that is a match for it. In accordance with what I’ve written above, some of them are textbooks on geology, and only a few deal specifically with quartz. Recommended Books I’d like to recommend a few books that I found worth reading. From the collector’s point of view, still “The Book” on quartz, in particular when it comes to crystal morphology.

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