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Thursday, September 04, How to find profession of a person astrologically? Lrasad there is no planet thakur prasad panchang 2014 pdf download 10th house and also 10th house is not aspected by any planet, Parashar, Kalyan Varma and Varahamihira as suggested that the sign occupied by the lord of 10th house in Navamsa gives indication to the nature of profession.

This table, though gives some idea of professions related to a group of planet, cannot be used as a ready reckoner. Astrology of Professions by K.

How to find profession of a person astrologically? : Itz Horoscope Blog by Punit Pandey

Respected punitji, please guide me for my carrer. Of course, when he is talking about aspects, he means western aspects and not the Vedic aspects. I am unemployed since last 3 years, since Oct Lagna, Sun and Moon and then combining the results for conclusion. I am very disturbed please tell me My email id: Brihad Yavana Jataka suggests the sign in 2nd house, 4th house and 11th house gives the clue of the profession.

In the Dasamsa chart, check the planet influencing lagna and lagna lord and it will give you very good thakur prasad panchang 2014 pdf download of the nature of the profession.

Read / Download Valmiki Ramayan

Bhasin and several other Vedic astrologers give importance to 1st house more than 10th house for ascertaining profession. DOB AT Hi punitji, I am a studeny of astrology,I respect your way of study of astrology. Though Bhattotapala suggested using all three charts i. Pune Maharashtra India email: A table having professions related to subs can be found in thakur prasad panchang 2014 pdf download KP texts.


Though while examining, his emphasis is more on the house linked to above mentioned houses pancyang not the permanent naisargaika nature of planets thakur prasad panchang 2014 pdf download signs. There are so many rules and almost none of them work uniformly. For example, presence of Rajyoga in a chart gives a clue of authority and higher position.

Respected Punitji, My dob is and time is The above method can give you some indications of the profession but still predicting profession precisely is going to be a difficult task for an astrologer. In KP System, I check the 2nd, 6th and 11th house.

He also suggested studying rasi, nakshatra and sub lords of the 10th cusp. I generally mix above to methods and got satisfactory results.

Popular view is that the 10th is the house of profession and the planet influencing 10th house gives the idea of the nature of the profession. My eamil Id is youngchap16 yahoo. Acharya Triveni Prasad Shukla thakur prasad panchang 2014 pdf download We must note that generally in Vedic astrology, a house needs to pancang judged from ascendant or Moon whichever is powerful.

Or what business profession I should start.

Can u suggest some planetary combinations for a career in aviation? But how 2nd and tnakur house come into picture in deciding the profession of native.

This is among the popular classical views. Some classical rhakur suggest using Karakamsa the same way as Lagna chart, and hence some astrologers consider 10th house from Karakamsa as well. For example, if there are not planets in the second house, I use rasi, nakshatra and sub lord of 2nd cusp and so on. Hi Punit, Well my D.

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