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Do you see this as a movement? How are they connected? No trivia or quizzes yet. Artemisia Miller rated it really liked it Oct 12, To this day people cannot conceive suakur why he might have been a target.

John Potash | Drugs as Weapons Against Us

No one thought anything of it at the time. James Firth rated it it was amazing Feb 19, Anatole Prewitt rated it did not like it Jan 23, He had even asked Bob Dylan to join a political organization that he wanted to start for peace. The oligarchy has too much power.

Another reference is Watergate muckraker Carl Bernstein who quoted a Church Committee finding that well over members of the media, including virtually all the owners, led dual lives in their work for the CIA.

From toI worked hard outside my regular the fbi war on tupac shakur and black leaders pdf download to complete the research. It was right after college and I was working as a drug counselor. We were both presenting at the conference and found some common ground, as I spoke about Black Panther leader Fred Hampton.

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Disable your adblock now and refresh this page. You explore his life with such depth? We will post some of the key presentations at the website and our YouTube page soon.

I went to Columbia for its name recognition for jobs outside of New York and for one particular radical professor, the late Richard Cloward.

I show evidence that he never left MI6. Jonny rated it it was amazing Nov 13, Why do so many of us not know about this side of Tupac? David rated it it was amazing May 24, This was nothing but censorship, against a Black professor.

Guest BloggerDecember 1, Many people do not understand why or how the intelligence complex would be concerned about popular music, but clearly they are. This is public information now, supported by official documents. Green 25 June June 16 would have been the 41st birthday of the hip hop artist known as Tupac Shakur. Potash when he gave a tremendously detailed and fascinating account of his research at the The fbi war on tupac shakur and black leaders pdf download on Political Assassinations conference in Dallas, Texas, the week of November 22, Thank you so much John for getting this out.

Another music artist mentioned in the book is Jimi Hendrix. And dpf you for sitting down with me. My immediate thought, reading that section of your book, is that it would make a terrific Hollywood movie, if Antwon Fuqua directed it.

Tupac signed a 3 CD contract with Death Row.

I think Immortal Technique has excellent lyrics. I was doing addictions counseling in Baltimore and someone I counseled said my father was a Black Panther killed by the police. The making of “Show ways,” or quilts which once served as secret maps for freedom-seeking slaves, is a tradition passed from mother to daughter in dlwnload author’s family John Potash Languange Used: Mensa Shakur rated it it was amazing Jun 16, He took his foot out and it was a small metal object.

Yet, awr proceeded to choke him unconsciously and bang his head against the curb.

Show Way Author by: I understand you are working on a novel, is that right? Congress came up with a directive against political rap out of concern about its subversive elements. They also bought out the white Rock labels.

Yupac is the best piece of hard evidence suggesting this?

The FBI War on Tupak Shakur and Black Leaders, John Potash interviewed | COPA

Are identity politics empowering or divisive? Well, the feedback has been mostly positive. Christopher Stevenson rated it it was amazing Dec 08, Then I saw that Tupac was shot in New York.

Your lives and death are not in vain. This was a part of the plan to get the Bloods and Crips to call a peace truce between each other and become leftist activists.

They were setting an example to other wealthy star athletes that looked up to them, in trying to raise money for neighborhood uplift programs in the fbi war on tupac shakur and black leaders pdf download poor neighborhoods from which they came. Strangely — publicity for this came about, in part, because of Dan Quayle. Cam rated it it was amazing Sep 10, Part of it references former Cal-Berkeley Journalism School Dean Ben Bagdikian on how media companies share boards of directors with defense contractors, oil companies, banks, etc.

However, when one of his colleagues tried to support my work too, and expressed interest in being a PR representative for my book, he ended up getting accosted by the police at a protest and fired from his job.

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