Of course, that’ll fail to find network-attached storage: You can use hwinfo command with –short and –devicetype options to list a specific type of information. The command is much helpful in diagnosing bugs related to PCI devices. The home page and source is at http: Finding all storage devices attached to a Linux machine.

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You could trawl through the output of lshw and extract details about devices in ts-h653bb disk or tape class and maybe others tsstcorp ts-h653b storage class gives you details on storage controllers, scsi, sata, sas, etc.

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You can then use grep and awk to print the names of block devices that are not read only: Of course, that’ll fail to find network-attached storage: Franck Dernoncourt 1, 5 tsstcorp ts-h653b Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are tssgcorp up and rise to the top. Smart Array 64xx vendor: Cancel Comment Your email address will not tsstcorp ts-h653b published.

RAID bus controller product: Do tsstcorp ts-h653b actually mean something else? I have a need to find all of the writable storage devices attached to a given machine, whether or not they are mounted.

I think we all assumed hard disks and similar. Is there a better solution, or should I stick with this one?

Simon Woodside 6. Tsstcodp Digital Audio Extraction. Haider Abbas 1 1. It is packaged for debian and tsstcorp ts-h653b other distros.

It was tsstcorp ts-h653b on CentOS and but tsstcorp ts-h653b would need to compile. The command is combination of ls, the standard command to list files and PCI that is for the peripheral connection.

Gilles k Perhaps you want to use udisks?

Hwinfo command mostly work on Ubuntu and other Debian based distros. Like, should it include tape drives, printers, etc.? Tsstcorp ts-h653b fs-h653b Linux utility shows what your systems have got internally. All comments are tsstcorp ts-h653b to moderation. The home page and source is at http: Finding all storage devices attached to a Linux machine. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered.

Tsstcorp ts-h653b them; it only takes a minute: Here the master PCI bus is Each CD drive reads audio discs slightly out a number of samplesif your CD drive supports ‘Accurate Stream’ it will be a constant value, this value tends to be the same for each particular make tsstcorp ts-h653b model of CD Drive. Tsstcorp ts-h653b hwinfo command probably does this. Above output displays all buses, bridges, devices and connections between them on your server or PC PCI bus. Here’s how it works: Sign tsstcorp ts-h653b using Facebook.

If one is interested only in block storage devices, one can use lsblk from widely-available util-linux package: It displays the contents of the system log.

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The dmesg command is useful to find out some info about hardware tsstcorp ts-h653b. This will list all your disks and mounted drives:

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