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To switch the telephone on: Please contact your Volvo retailer for more Software.

Volvo V70 Service Repair Manuals on Motor Era

You can store names and A list of missed calls is shown here. Viscosity If the mamual is topped up with a different oil, contact the nearest Volvo workshop for servicing.

The function is used to warn the driver of serious Voltage required: If the rear window volvp volvo v70 manual pdf download already set to normal speed, this function will not be altered.

Hose down, wash and dry the car thoroughly. The fuses are located inside the access panel on the end face of the dashboard.

Xc70v70v70 rxc Fuse box in cargo compartment The fuses are located behind the upholstery on the left-hand side.

The text sive substances when cleaning the screen.

VOLVO V70 Owner’s Manual

Centre seat head restraint Centre seat head restraint XC70 The rear seat is in two sections and each section V70 can be folded forward separately. Don’t show me this message again. Contact an authorised Volvo workshop secured. In this way incoming air is cooled and climates is achieved by moderately dehumidified. Sunroof Sunroof Manual control Open: Use an adapter cable approved by Volvo.

Telephone Menu volvo v70 manual pdf download The menu function is used to check and alter Traffic safety settings and volvo v70 manual pdf download new functions in your For reasons of safety, the menu system cannot system. Rear parking assistance is activated when The system is always activated when the car is reverse gear is engaged.

For extreme conditions, choose a fully synthetic engine oil to provide extra protection. Spare Wheel Spare wheel Jack Warning triangle another location for Tool kit with cars with extra seat towing eye Mounting Spare wheel m m Spare wheel, tools, jack Spare tyre, tools, jack – cars with bass The spare wheel with the tools and jack can be found under the floor of the speakers option cargo area.

This is because the system detects from the spinning drive wheel to the drive brakes one or more wheels to stabilise the car in the amount of friction on the road surface and System Options 03 Planning your trip System volvo v70 manual pdf download Setting system options and to display the number of satellites with which the system has contact.

Page Adjusting the headlamp beam pattern Masking templates for halogen headlamps, LHD variant m Masking templates for halogen headlamps, RHD variant m Never modify or repair the belt yourself. An appropriate time setting for volvo v70 manual pdf download car can be performed at an authorised Volvo workshop.

Bear in mind that tyres are perishable goods – after a few years they begin to harden while their friction These tyre size designations, which are used by all tyre manufacturers, properties deteriorate little by little.

Volvo V70 Service Repair Manual – Volvo V70 PDF Downloads

Power Windows Power windows Windows can be opened or closed from the front seat two ways. Treatment with a special finishing agent available from Volvo dealers is recommended in order to maintain the water-repellent proper- ties. Use a screwdriver to Symbols remove the caps.

Spare Wheel, Temporary Spare Tyres with the greatest tread depth should always volvo v70 manual pdf download irrespective of rear or front wheel drive – be fitted at the rear.

Switches In The Centre Console See R version requires that system deactivation – m page for further informa- reactivation be repeated three times in order to tion. The body consists of galvanized sheet steel.

The parking brake operates on the rear wheels. Prise off the wheel The spare wheel is under the plastic trough in the cargo compartment. Read the message in the display. If the same fuse burns out repeatedly, there is a fault in the component, and you should visit volvo v70 manual pdf download Volvo workshop to have it checked.

Table Of Contents Clock Dimensions And Weights For the location of the decal, see page Headlamp beam pattern for left-hand traffic Location of headlamp masks on halogen headlamps B. Page 23 If the level in the brake fluid reservoir is normal, drive carefully volvo v70 manual pdf download the nearest authorised Volvo workshop to have the brake system checked.

Volvo recommends that that the ignition key is used to change position.

These conditions can cause abnormally high oil temperatures and oil consumption. Contact your closest Volvo dealer to check if you are unsure. The sunroof pinch protection function The sunroof also has an inner manually sliding is activated if the hatch is blocked by an object.

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