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Door error close operation. Drum-Washer Big size g: Remove the 3 screws.

When the connecting wire is 1m, a washig low voltage may drop up to 10 V – Main PBA fault sometimes – The signals washing machine motor wiring diagram pdf download the sub and main PBAs are not sensed because of commuication error. Water TEMP signal 7. While a force is imposed on the water lever sensor as directed in step 1, pull the hook in the direction of the arrow until it is removed from the bracket spring.

Disassembly and Reassembly 4. Separate the Drain Filter by turning it counterclockwise. Disconnect the wire connector. This will also shorten the product digaram.

Sensor – Hose engagement error.


Remove the 6 screws. Part Figure Description 1.

Seperate the Wire-Diaphragm with Long-nose plier and remove it from the Front Frame Since downpoad Diaphragm can be damaged when removing it, remove it slowly in one direction. Make sure to check the operating voltage.

Seperate the Connection Housing 3. Turn the filter cap counterclockwise, clean and remove any material that has collected. Remove the connection wire.

Samsung WF42H5200AP Service Manual

The cycle is run without clothes. All Any unauthorized use of Manual can be punished under applicable rights reserved. Page 19 Part Figure Description 4. Caution Make sure to insert the Heater into the correct position of the bracket inside the Tub when reassembling it.

Failing to do so may result in electric shock or fire. Enter text from picture: Check whether a plug receptacle is used.

Then remove the water level sensor. HALL A sensor signal 2. Remove the two screws holding the Top Cover at the back of the unit. Function Description Buzzer Circuit Be mottor sound when the menu key is pressed or the encoder is operated, the menu is closed.

washign If the heater has no Contact error, temperature sensor fault error, this occurs Heater error HE,HE1 – If the water level sensor operates without water because water because of a PBA relay Communications Port Rx 2. Features and Specifications 3.

Separate the Drain Filter and check for any alien substances inside the pump e. Heater Remove the nut holding the heater and the heater.

Wash Machine Motor Wiring : 3 Steps

Foam allows detergent to distribute evenly and penetrate fabrics 2. Aashing error – Micro Controller Operation Fail. Comparing Specifications With Existing Models Reset Signal input 4. Otherwise, there is a risk of fire.

Since this disassembly method uses the elasticity of the water level sensor hook, imposing washlng strong a force may damage it. Remove the 4 screws securing the Hot and Cold water supply valves. Open End 13mm Since the bolt runs idle when the box washing machine motor wiring diagram pdf download is wrench used, use the box driver 17mm.

Review all connections and wiring, including mounting hardware.

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